About Tarxia

Tarxia is born of an enterprising vocation of two young graphic designers from Granada: Adrián Rosales Millán & Rafael Ruiz Casares.

Their determination to reinvent the traditional values based on the risk and creativity, had lead them to this project, with which they aspire to apply the elegance of the taracea to the technological customization.

With extensive experience in the graphic arts sector, both have given their “know how” to this project, which have been entirely created in concept, design, production and release on the market.

But Tarxia is born as well of the shavings of a Granadine Workshop. The other half of Tarxia is composed of the craftsman Tomás Beas Bimbela, being him witness of a big familiar tradition, transforms each piece of taracea in a unique product. Its most purist concept in this centenarian technique that leads the third generation of the Beas craftwork has not been a handicap when time to join this project, since he wants to join the know-how of this old technique with the constant creation of new designs.